mobile iwindoor Introduction

mobile iwindoor software can help you design casement and sliding, aluminum and UPVC window and door easily and quickly. Ability to design turn, tilt, tilt & turn, variety of sliding window, vertical and horizontal panel are some of features of mobile iwindoor software. Finally, users can see a summary of the project include profiles length, items area and glass area.

Another feature of this software can be pointed to getting price to project, with this ability users can calculate the price estimation of project.

By using mobile iwindoor software you can provide a perfect report of items list and send it in PDF format to other people. Also users of iwindoor pc version are able to send the project file from their mobile to pc, in this way computer users can import projects in their systems and after that apply any changes on it, so saving time increased and users mistakes reduced greatly.

To get information of how you can link your mobile iwindoor software to iwindoor pc version, please contact sales department of Behin Saman Company (+98) 21 66 1234 66.

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