About iwindoor 2.0

iwindoor software after entering the door and window industry, became an intelligent colleague in the design, calculation, and production phases and provided the comfort of the mind of manufacturers. But our efforts did not end there, and the next goal was to synchronize the software with the needs of the domestic and foreign market.
Variety of window and door (Lift & Sliding, Folding, Pivot, non-Threshold and …), fly screen, glass order report save as Excel, specific access level to different parts of the software for each user are some of reasons that distinguishes iwindoor 2.0 .
iwindoor 2.0 like the previous version try to detect and warn potential user errors.
Make it more comfortable with this intelligent colleague.


Various types of windows and doors, casement and sliding, UPVC, Aluminum windows can be designed carefully and rapidly by iwindoor 2.0 . You can design most of non-rectangular windows, edit their parameters, coupled windows, threshold, non-threshold door and cornice, and calculate dimensions, profile angels. You can easily edit windows, change dimensions and profile system, accessories and also you can import items from other projects.
  • Design Various Non-Rectangular Shapes
  • Design Single and Double Sliding System
  • Design Common Wings
  • Change Item Size on Shape
  • Warning User Errors
  • Warning for Items with Non-Standard Size
  • Design Coupled Windows
  • Transom in Sliding System
  • Profile, Accessory, Color and Glass Conversion
  • Item Installation Code
  • Supports Different Profile Colors
  • Design Sash Instead of Frame
  • Design Mullion Instead of Frame
  • Mullion in Curved Sides
  • Design throughout Mullion
  • Equalize Distance between Mullions
  • Equalize Glass Width in Sliding Window
  • Single Sliding Frame Cover
  • Non-Threshold Door
  • Frame Tolerance
  • Deleting and deactivating group items and sorting items by item number
  • 90 Degree Glazing Bead in Aluminum Systems
  • Special color for Glass
  • Design Different Glass in One Item
  • Design Cornice
  • Design Bottom Door Profile
  • Design Threshold
  • Design Fix Opening
  • Design Wing inside Wing
  • Outside Opening Window and Door Sash
  • Design Aluminum Systems with 90 ° Edges
  • Design Vertical and Horizontal Panel
  • Rounding Panels to Decrease Waste
  • Handle Movement
  • Item Import
  • Inactive Items in Reports
  • Remove Glass Color in Reports
  • Undo, Redo
  • Zoom Design Area
  • Project Default for Profile, Accessory and Glass
  • Fly Screen
  • Lift & Sliding
  • Folding Window
  • Pivot Window
  • Tilt & Turn Door
  • Bottom Transom in Sliding Window





In iwindoor 2.0, you can achieve minimum profile cutting wastage by optimizing some projects together. This software reduces used profile from stock and saves profile residuals for further optimization. You can do all production activities by using technical plan, job card, glass and profile cutting list, profile, glass and window label and also you can get pattern of glass cutting, variable angles and curved profile radius.
  • Job Card
  • Desired Profile Cutting List
  • Profile Sorting
  • Items Technical List for Produce
  • Show Reinforcement beside Related Profile
  • Glass Cutting List
  • Fly Screen List
  • Items List with Fly Screen
  • Cutting Pattern for Non-Rectangular Glass
  • Define Accessory Pieces and Range
  • Accessory Pieces List
  • Change Bars Length
  • Item and Glass Label
  • Print Label in Different Size
  • Glass Cutting List Save as Excel
  • Completion of Label Settings





  • Graphical Display of Optimization
  • Mixing Projects in Optimization
  • Bent Profile Optimization
  • Use Residuals in Optimization
  • Desired Profile Optimization
  • Calculating of Waste in Optimization
  • Large to Small Profile Cutting Optimization
  • Decrease Profiles from Stock after Optimization
  • Record and Edit Residuals of Profile
  • Moving Profile Residual to Stock
  • Removing Profile Residual from Stock
  • Profile Label after Optimization
  • Adjust Optimization Speed





You can issue different formats of quotation by iwindoor 2.0 . You can edit the calculated price by using template, price adding and other costs and its changes will be saved for next reference. To calculate the price by different profile systems and issue alternative quotations it is not necessary to design again. You can send and receive projects between different companies.
  • Price Editing for Each Project
  • Saving Price in Each Project
  • Quotation Price Template
  • Apply Waste in Quotation
  • Calculate Price of Mullion Connector, Overhung Cap
  • Add Extra Row to Quotation
  • Quotation with Image or without Image for Each Item
  • Quotation Based on Material
  • Quotation Briefly
  • Glass Price in Separate Row in Quotation
  • Accessory Price in Separate Row in Quotation
  • Calculate Accessory Price (Set, Ranges, Pieces)
  • Using Scanned Quotation Header
  • Footer for Reports
  • Beginning and End Text for Quotation
  • Conversion Quotation to Factor or Contract
  • Calculate Gasket and Brush Seal
  • Item Price Analysis
  • Materials List Report
  • Items List for Sales
  • Change Glass Name
  • Change Profile Name
  • Rounding Off Total Cost
  • Quotation with Different Currency





  • Projects Management
  • Search and Filter on Projects
  • Project Status
  • Project Rewrites
  • Profile, Accessory, Color and Glass Conversion
  • Projects Archive
  • Recording Project Payments
  • Project Financial Report
  • Project Import and Export
  • 10 Last Projects





  • Profile Stock
  • Accessory Pieces Stock
  • Stock Inventory Report
  • Stock Operation Report
  • Record Entry and Exit Profile from Stock
  • Record Entry and Exit Accessory from Stock
  • Stock Flow Report
  • Decrease Accessory Pieces from Stock





  • Tooltips for All Parts of Software
  • Automatic Backup
  • Manual Backup
  • Restore Data to Certain Time
  • Online Help
  • Automatic Update for Software





  • Define Access Level for Users
  • Define Password for Each Users
  • Save Report in XPS Format
  • Specific access level to different parts of the software for each user
  • Open XPS Reports in Software
  • Multi-Languages Software
  • Multi-Currency