1. Who can use mobile iwindoor?

All people work in industry of window and door, PVC and aluminum such as installers, marketers, designers, producers, managers and who are related to this industry can use mobile iwindoor application.


  1. How can I provide mobile iwindoor software?

The free version of this application (for android) is available in Google play.


  1. How can I connect mobile iwindoor software to different iwindoor PC versions?

To get information of how you can link your mobile iwindoor software to iwindoor pc version, please contact sales department of Behin Saman Company (+98) 21 66 1234 66.

  1. How can mobile iwindoor help me?
  • Design rectangular shapes fast and easily in project location
  • Calculate profiles length (meter) and glass (square meter)
  • Price estimation of project
  • Display summary of each items and project summary
  • Ability to send project file via email and social software
  • Ability to send items list in PDF format via email and social software
  • Connecting to different iwindoor PC versions
  • Reduce user mistakes and increase design speed with avoiding redesign
  • Saving projects with very low volume